torsdag 5 december 2013

Christmas presents for Dad

When people are finding it difficult to know what to buy for a specific person, most people tend to think that their dad is the hardest one to figure out what to buy for.

So what great gift should you give to your father?

We're starting out with something that he can use for every occasion and every season, A camera!

Canon Ixus 255 HS

Price: 173£ (234$)

A camera is something that your dad can use whenever he goes to visit his friends, family or is out traveling, at home or just photographing himself in the mirror . The reason why i find the Canon Ixus 255 HS so great is simply because it's the perfect present for a father. He has seen all of his kids grow up and to save all the memories the camera is the perfect tool to do so. Perfect gift around christmas & new years!
The camera has a 12 MP camera that can record in 1080p (full-hd) and has a 10x zoom, in addition it has a wifi connection which makes it possible to connect to your computer and share your pictures with friends and family easily.

Bosch PMF190

Price: 89£ (120$)

Your father might have all the tools he needs in the world and is constantly having new projects to work with. But with this new multi-machine you dont need to have 10 different kinds of machines lying around. This machine can do anything from drilling, cutting and sanding. The machine is very light weight and easy to use since its designed to be used in tight corners. You can also connect a normal vaccum cleaner so the machine is completly dust free which means less work!

Will post atleast 2-3 post for each person, containing 2 items each :-).

tisdag 3 december 2013

Christmas is getting closer

We are in the beginning of December which for many is a month filled with panic, stress and feelings of resignation since they cant figure out what to do for christmas and what to buy for their relatives as presents.

In this blog i will post daily about what you can buy for each type of person that is relevant for their age, sex, interests and what is popular this year.

Cheers :-).